The right mix to success!

We focus on the target markets IT, telecommunication, services and media, as well as the functions in distribution and marketing. Knowing that, no matter how digital our world might be, business is always done person to person. That is the way of making the right decisions for the people in your team as the basis for a great position in today's permanent competition and thus the most important building block for market success.

Making the best choices possible seperates the best from the rest. Top teams, compared to average competitors, are without a doubt able to achieve better results and sustained value. Conversely: Bad HR choices can ruin a business. We help you to find the best available person for the job and thus gain a decisive edge in competition.


Understanding needs

Our processes follow clear rules. Our team’s professionalism and adjacency to the target market assure that we generate accurate profiles. In a thorough discussion between you and us we will analyze the requirements of the position you want to fill. What personal qualities does the ideal candidate need to have to succeed in the new job? We systematically elaborate critical situations, that the applicant will be likely to face. This way we can understand the core skills that the ideal candidate has to have.

Finding the best

Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and a healthy mix of experience in operative management and psychological competence we are established consultants, familiar with a large number of market actors. This circle is updated and expanded through systematic research with every project. A fast and complete exchange of information shows our understanding for the key thought of sharing a common goal with you. Our success-oriented approach is also reflected by our project-specific gratification model.

With us, you hire more than a consultant for a project. You hire a team with all it's resources and expertise. This includes our specifically selected partners in research, strategy and M&A. In all countries in which we are active we diligently track market trends and careers in business. This way we stay in shape and keep our data and sources up to date.

The right language

The acceptance and success of a search are dependent to a large degree on the way people are approached. That is why we don't simply delegate this task. Only the person who is connected to a project start to finish and is invested in its success can convincingly describe the characteristics, challenges and opportunities of a task and vividly portray the client’s corporate culture. That is also why he is best suited to understand the motivational state of the desired candidate and can convincingly answer his critical questions and thus gain even those for positions who are not instantly willing to change positions on inquiry.

Our background and experience make us worthy dialogue partners even at the top level. Advice and Knowledge are universally appreciated by the approached. The quality of these dialogues significantly raises the probability to gain the best available personalities for our clients. Our strategy to build long-term partner relationships with clients and candidates strengthens our network and gains us access to the top talents.

The assessment

Whether a new colleague will lead to success for the company is not only a question of formal qualifications alone. Decisive is how he handles specific challenges. That is why in personal interviews with potential candidates, we do not only focus on the education or previous career steps of the manager in question alone. First and foremost we question the working methods and the attitude of the candidate in a behavior-oriented way. “How exactly have you dealt with critical situations in your previous position?” The answers to these and similar questions say a lot more about personality than technical or functional abilities. This allows us to judge whether the candidate will succeed in his new position and integrate smoothly into the specific corporate culture. The picture is then completed by a sophisticated and discrete check of references.

Bargaining successfully

Running with the best, the gap between success and failure is small. We view ourselves as moderators between candidate and client, sometimes also in the critical phase of contract negotiations. While searching for the executive in demand we’ve built a relationship of trust with him. We know the expectations and attitude of the desired candidate concerning the position or the personal consequences of his change in employment. This knowledge and our resulting role as a broker of interests is introduced to the candidate sensibly. This way we are able to clear all obstacles standing in the way of sealing a contract.