Enjoy long-term success in the future - but how?

It's all about the right mixture of pragmatism, methodology, transparency and creativity, as well as know-how and dedication. Become more effective and efficient by controlling your goals as well as your decisions regarding money and resources. Improve your potential and take full advantage on the ever-changing market. With extensive experience in sales, people and strategy management, a real-life experience in all of today's sales channels and tasks, we are not the typical consultants. None the less, we offer our services over the full range of HR consultancy in the telco, it, utilities, retail & service market and – we love to do so!

Assuming our fit to the project is right, we love to make things happen, even on a long time task if needed. Business is always conducted between people, so I'm going to spare you the details and look forward to meeting with you and discussing it in person.

  • 37 years of sales experience
  • 33 years of experience in IT and telecommunications
  • 29 years of leadership experience
  • 17 years of experience running my own business
  • more than a dozen years husband and father
  • Over 57 years of life experience